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Mukashi no Jutsu

An ancient art for a Modern World!!!
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About Us
Douglas Derenzo is a Sandan (3rd Dan) in Aiki Jiujitsu, recognized by the Kokusai AikiJitsu Kai Ren Mei.
Studying continuously since 1986, he maintains the traditional techniques and adds and updates the art through research and practice.
Small classes allow for personalized attention, a necessary component in the proper transferral of techniques and skills in any fighting art. Classes consist of practical applications of the techniques of self defense, cardio/strength training and development and a variety of games and exercises to develop mental control, balance and coordination.
Weapons training is also taught. Knife work, bo/jo staff, cane, sai etc.
Martial arts philosophies, health and other topics are discussed.
 No contracts. Friendly atmosphere.
Learn something new in each class.
Class Hours:
Monday and Thursday evenings 7pm
Call for other classes and Private group or individual lessons.
422 Randall Rd.
Ridge, NY 11961